BABSCon 2022 Official Artists

Bay Area Brony Spectacular Labs 2021

A My Little Pony Fan-run Convention
May 29 - May 30, 2021

Find here who made the fantastic art for BABSLab 2022

AphelionMars: I've got a selection of cute acrylic charms, including a line of pride themed ponies!

BefishProductions: Hi! I'm Befish! I draw all the cutie patooties and sell lots of cute and cuddly merch! Including charms, stickers, landyards, and more! Mostly MLP related, but we also have a little sprinkle of anime, animal crossing, and other cartoons. Won't you come check us out?~

CadetRedShirt: Heya hey! My name is Cadet and I focus primarily on drawing and creating very cute artwork! I have stickers, wall prints, commissions, and more!

CuttleDreams Creatures: Where all sorts of colorful beasts come to life!

fannytastical: Get your fantastical pony merch here! We have a variety of apparel, keychains, body pillows, and more. Sport a comfy shirt or get a cozy with a pillow featuring your favorite character.

MidnightPremiere: Howdy from Texas! I'm MidPrem, coming at you with a brand new selection of MLP candybag charms, facemasks, and enamel pins; Animal Crossing and Pokemon collectibles; and exclusive Mystery Boxes and Commissions (Digital and Traditional)! Stop by for first dibs on my new stock!

NoisyPaperDragon: Ponies, Craft kits, and 90's Nostalgia. All that and more!!!

Sycamore Studios: Hahahahahahahahahaha tiny horses