Vendor Hall

Bay Area Brony Spectacular Labs 2021

A My Little Pony Fan-run Convention
May 29 - May 30, 2021

Once again, our virtual vendor hall will be located on our discord server.

-Art N Prints-: Art N Prints is the number 1 provider of high quality fanmade print merch, we offer over 100 typs of products and 80% of our merch is printed in house with our own mashines, we are a staple of quality and customer service

Fluff_Dragon_Art : "Never settle for anything less than EPIC!" Fluff Dragon Art is a perveyor of floofy and adorable art, illustrations, and character designs

Baja Gryphon: Hiya we are Kaijuriot (bajagryphon)! We make and create MLP,Furry, and other kinds of good stuff! We have an different array of products from Commissions (traditional,digital,animation) to enamel pins or even Convention card games (TSSSF core + expansions, even our very own prance card!) and even more in our shop We hope to provide wonderful exclusives to BabsCon2021. Thank you BabsCon for the chance to vend!

Boiler3 & Sweetcream: From art prints, to pins, charms and buttons, Books and games, apparel and more you're sure to find something fun and unique at our store!

BronyChefs Kitchen: cooking stuff, ponies, and cookbooks

Captain Showtime: A treasure trove full of goodies from your favorite fandoms! It's full of amazing treasures such as badges, stickers, enamel pins, buttons, and more!

CaptainHoers: Comics, games, postcards and badges from the artist behind Spitfire's Day Off, the Sunjackers, and a whole lot more!

Choco Pony Tarot and Flags: The original Design lead for BABS con will return to their first online con in over half a year with some new art and products as well as returning favorites including tarot cards, pins, flags, and more.

Clockwork Monster: Clockwork Monster is a one stop shop for your haberdashery and millinery needs. Custom orders and special requests welcome.

Dawnfire's Art: Stop by Dawnfire's art for your daily dose of cute & happy horses!

Dormin Drawing is magic: Dormin is creating Fan made stuff since 2009, such as fan comics, designs for t shirt, pins, banners and more. We're also taking illustrations, ref, chara design and comics commissions.

Fey Market Custom Ponies: Custom hand sculpted My Little Pony figures

Fiaura The Tank Girl: Do you want things from the Equestrian Wasteland? This is where you get them! We have books, scarves, cards, drinking sets, Wild Pegasus Bottles, Bottlecaps for your currency exchange, and all sorts of random Wasteland Related items.

Gleamy Dreams: Plushes, pins and other perusable wares!

Gobiraptor: A bit of everything, from dakis to prints and blankets to enamel pins!

Hearth & Home Woodcrafts: Hand made wood coasters and pens engraved with a variety of designs.

Hibiscus Stitch: Hi I’m Hibiscus Stitch and I design and hand make professional plushies for you! I’ve been sewing since 2005 and I use this experience to bring to you the perfect plush companion. Made from soft minky with embroidered features, these plushies are sure to bring a smile and a hug!

Inkkey Studios: Bumbling my way through art

Japan Brony Team: Japan Ponycon Con Store and more!

lRUSUart: Sells acrylic charms, pins, buttons, prints and stickers. Also offers custom merch and digital commisisons.

Lytle the Lemur: One of kind Pony Comic Books and Prints, Comic Commissions available.

Madame Huffen Bustle's Steam Couture: I make beautiful bustles to dress you up like Rarity could.

Mezair Plush: Plush of all sorts with a specialty in ponies and fantasy creatures!

Miss Mele's Madness: Hello and welcome to my little corner of Equestria! Here at Miss Mele's Madness you can satisfy all your pony merch neess worh affords prices and limited great deals! From buttons, to mugs (customs available!), to commissions, come on over and take a gander

Moozua: I draw the horse memes

My Little Ties: Ties, bow ties, mugs, lapel pins, keychains, necklaces, flasks, shot glasses, dog tags, bottle openers, omamori (japanese good luck charms), LED glowing badges, lots of other stuff

Ponies by RubioWolf: Come stop by and check out the snuggly and cuddly plushies available! I'll have an assortment of sizes and styles, ranging from squishy chibi styles to assorted standing sizes; don't miss out!

RatofDrawn: Drawing Applejack and other cute characters

Red Palette Art: I am a graphic design student and cartoonist - I sell buttons, keychains, bookmarks, prints, and custom commissions.

RimiPlushies: Pony Cuddle Pal Plushies

Ruef & Beeb: Ruef and B.B. are a dynamic duo of fandom doodlers who love to go from convention to convention and see their friends! They sell a variety of stickers, pins, badges, body pillows and even offer commissions you can watch them draw right in front of you! Come stop by and say hi!

Samoht Lion Creations: Custom Cut Creations Paper Crafts

Shottsy Arts LLC: We offer hot off our “shirt forge” heat-pressed apparel and accessories with vibrant hand drawn art, as well as elegant one of a kind works of art for those with finest of tastes. We at Shottsy Arts seek to give you “A spark of something different!”

Silentwulv: Mlp Artist selling prints, stickers, and more!

Sky Railroad: Home of Prance and little tiny trains. We're still around and have oddles of new things for you to see <3

SoftPauxs: Fursuit and personal accessories of the cute variety!

spacekitsch: Colorful and cartoony stickers, charms, and enamel pins.

Taurson's Cafe: An Artist who makes adorable arts with a nice warm cup of coffee.

Techycutie: Hey I'm Techy! I sell a large assortment of cute pony keychains as well as buttons, enamel pins, mouse pads, and body pillows. We get new stuff every few weeks, so there's always something new in store! Literally!

That One Pink Dog Studios: That One Pink Dog Studios is a Custom & Premade Fursuit company that also specializes in merchandise such as stickers, premade & custom pins, accesssories, and even more, in an iconic toony style! Based out of Phoenix, AZ, we strive to make the best quality and end every transaction with a smile.

The Lightning Bliss Table: Check out Lightning Bliss's Rainbow Merch!

Thom Zahler: Artist and writer for IDW's My Little Pony comics, among many others, seller of graphic novels (want a signed one?), art, merch, and games about the madness of conventions.

Traveling Pony Museum: The Traveling Pony Museum supports a collection of artists from around the world and has since 2012. Our shop has a little of everything and sales benefit the original artists! Minky soft artwork blankets, stickers and keychains, squishy cute mousepads, hardcover fanfiction books, over 60 designs freshly pressed onto your choosing of size & color T-shirt or bag, and more!

Twisted Sketch Productions: Commissions, prints, mugs, masks, jewelry and of course Enamel Pins!

Twisted Wolf Leather Works: Leather Cosplay Apparel

Vanhoover Pony Expo: Vanhoover Pony Expo Merch (May want to change in the future)

Viktiipunk: I'm Viktiipunk, a self-taught digital artist that mainly draws ponies and anthropomorphic animals!

viw's art: Viw's art! Selling puzzles, commissions, pins, woodcuts, and neat metal things

Waffle Wishes: Pony Pillows, Pants, Plushies, Playing Cards, other non-P things, and customs of all sorts! If you have an idea, we can make it real!

World's Best Comics and Toys: My Little Pony comics, toys, posters, plush, vintage MLP toys.

And below find who made the fantastic art for BABSCon 2022!

AphelionMars: I've got a selection of cute acrylic charms, including a line of pride themed ponies!

BefishProductions: Hi! I'm Befish! I draw all the cutie patooties and sell lots of cute and cuddly merch! Including charms, stickers, landyards, and more! Mostly MLP related, but we also have a little sprinkle of anime, animal crossing, and other cartoons. Won't you come check us out?~

CadetRedShirt: Heya hey! My name is Cadet and I focus primarily on drawing and creating very cute artwork! I have stickers, wall prints, commissions, and more!

CuttleDreams Creatures: Where all sorts of colorful beasts come to life!

fannytastical: Get your fantastical pony merch here! We have a variety of apparel, keychains, body pillows, and more. Sport a comfy shirt or get a cozy with a pillow featuring your favorite character.

MidnightPremiere: Howdy from Texas! I'm MidPrem, coming at you with a brand new selection of MLP candybag charms, facemasks, and enamel pins; Animal Crossing and Pokemon collectibles; and exclusive Mystery Boxes and Commissions (Digital and Traditional)! Stop by for first dibs on my new stock!

NoisyPaperDragon: Ponies, Craft kits, and 90's Nostalgia. All that and more!!!

Sycamore Studios: Hahahahahahahahahaha tiny horses